Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edward Cullen

His name is Edward Cullen,and he is a vampire.When he was a human,
his name was Edward Anthony Masen.
He is 17 years old, but he is a vampire so, he is really 109 years old.
He comes from Chicago but now he lives in Forks.
Now, Edward is studying.
He has got two brothers (Jasper and Emment) and two sisters (Alice and Rosalie)
He lives with them and his parents Carlisle and Esme.
His girfriend's name is Bella.
He likes listening to music but he prefers being with his girlfriend Bella.
He likes playing beisbol with his family and friends.
He hates bad vampires and he is afraid of "The Vulturis".
He never eats anything and he never sleeps.
He is a Gemini, because he was born on 20th of Juny.
He is tall, he is 1'85m tall. He is slim and a little musculous, his appearance is perfect,
because he isn't much musculous but he isn't weak so..he is perfect.
He is thin.
He has got short,brown,straight,and wonderful hair.
He has got green eyes,but when he was a human. Now he has got brown eyes and when he is thirsty,his eyes are black, all of these colours are perfect for Edward.
Sometimes he wears sunglasses, but he usually doesn't wear anuthing. Edward is perfect all the time.
Edward usually wears gray,blue,black,white clothes.
His clothes make him looks fashionable,elegant,attractive,mysterious,amazing...
He usually wears shirts,trousers,jackets,shoes,elegant clothes...
Edward is always handsome,amazing,wonderful, and perfect.
On the whole he looks a bit attractve,modern,nice,good-looking,elegant...
He is handsome!
Edward is a generous, romantic, amazing, funny, mysterious, attractive, friendly, quiet, and perfect person.

I love him because is the most handsome.attractive, romantic, etc...person i know.
The best about this person is all because i love edward! and old in him is perfect and i think is the most admirable person, because he want to bite to Bella but he loves Bella so he can't do this.
And because all of this and more things EDWARD CULLEN IS MY PLATONIC LOVE!

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