Thursday, September 15, 2011


Last week of august, I have been in lanzarote with my family.
We were sleeping in the hotel "Beatriz" that is in south of the island, in a part called "Puerto del Carmen". It was sooo good, it has two pools, and a lot of cool places.
Apart of that, I have visited a lot of places and monuments of Lanzarote, (I must say at first, that i loved lanzarote!)
One day we went to an small island called "La Graciosa" and when we were there, we rented bikes, and then we tour around the island by bike, it was so exhauting!!!
Also we visited the fundation"César Manrique", he was the man who took care about the island of Lanzarote and he designed the island and because of that, most of the houses in lanzarote are white.

Some of his artwork is "Los Jameos del Agua" that is like a garden but into a volcanic cave. It is soooooo beautiful! :)

And then...I think the most important thing to visit in Lanzarote is The "Parque nacional de Timanfaya" it is a volcano, and it is still hard, so there are some shows about the fire in the volcano.

After all, i say to you, that Lanzarote is an island that you MUST visit at least one time in your life, it is fantastic!

bye, bye.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Last June i was in Berlin, we went to germany because in january, there were here a group of students of Berlin, and because of that, we went to their houses.
I went to Hannah's house, and i loved that, because I like Hannah so much, I think i was so lucky to be with her.
Most of the days we went in berlin, we were in the school (montessori schule) doing some practic work with the german students, in primary school or in the infant school.
I was in the infant school with Paola, in german infant school is "Kinderhaus".

School's garden

Also, (and this is one of the things that i like most) we went to the Christophe Street Day that is the gay's day in Berlin, It was so funny because the gay people were costumed and they were very nice!
here, i can show you some pictures:

Apart of that we visited the monuments of Berlin, and they are so interesting! The monumet that I like the most is the wall because is one of the things that remember you that the history is true.

I think this trip was so nice, and i think i will never forget that. I hope next year we will come back! :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This summer was special because...

I went to a lot of places and I learnt English and different cultures of the world. I had a very funny summer.
In July, I went to Ireland, and it was very good, because, I made a lot of friends, and I learnt English with Irish people. I was in Christine's house, and she was very very nice with me. She is a lovely person!
I had classes in the mornings, and in the evenings, I went with my friends to the Castle of Kilkenny.
That trip was perfect!
After Ireland, I went to Dènia with my family. We stayed in the house that we have there. I enjoyed the beach, while I gor enrolled in an English summer course in La Sella. It was cool too!
Later, when I finishedin La Sella... I went to Italy with my family, i went to Verona, Fienze, Venezia...and many more places! We visited very interesting spots, and also, we went to the opera! We watched "El trovatore" and sometimes it was boring, but in general, it was so exciting that I liked it a lot!
The conclusion is that this summer was special because I visited a lot of places and although I could not be with my friends from Valencia lot of time, I enjoyed doing another activities with my family and friends of Ireland and La Sella.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grossefehn, Germany.

Las week we were in Grossefehn.
Grossefehn is a town located in the north of Germany.
There we stayed in german students houses. I was Ulrike's house. She has got three sisters and one brother.
The first day, we went to an island, Langeoog. There, we did a lot of activities, and we went to the beach, there was so windy!
Langeoog is beautiful. I love it.
Next day, we were divided into groups and we did some activities. It was very boring.
In the afternoon, we had a party. We danced a lot of songs, and after, we went to our house.
On saturday, we showed our show, "do you have fire?" and it was so good. In the afternoon Marga, Paola, Elena and her german fiends, went to Elena's german house. Ulrike and me went too. After Ulrike's family and me ate in the kitchen.
On sunday morning, Ulrike's father brought me to the school because we left Grossefehn.
Then we took a bus with the boys and girls of the school "La Gavina" ad we went to Bremen.There we went to a sciencie museum called "Universum". It was great!!
Then we said good bye to the school "La Gavina" and we went to a hostel. We stayed there, and we slept in a very nice room.
On monday, we woke up at 8:00 o'clock. We went to visit the old part of Bremen, and then, we had free time.
We went to McDonal's and after we went to H&M and Marga and me bought a pair of trausers. After we came back to the hostel, we took the cases and we went to the airport.
There we took a plane and we went to Alicante's airport.
There we took a bus and we came back to Escuela 2. There was a lot of trafic, and we arrived at 22:30.

This trip has been wonderful!!!! :D

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello my name is Leopoldo and i am 28 years old.
I come from Empollonilandia.
I am estudying my 5th universitary career.
I have got a sister,her name is Leopolda.
My best friend is Eustabio, he is another "empollón".

I'm gemmini. As you can see i am a bald person. I only like studying. I hate going out with my friends and going to the cinema.

I think i'm very silly.

The best about me is that i am very hardworking.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edward Cullen

His name is Edward Cullen,and he is a vampire.When he was a human,
his name was Edward Anthony Masen.
He is 17 years old, but he is a vampire so, he is really 109 years old.
He comes from Chicago but now he lives in Forks.
Now, Edward is studying.
He has got two brothers (Jasper and Emment) and two sisters (Alice and Rosalie)
He lives with them and his parents Carlisle and Esme.
His girfriend's name is Bella.
He likes listening to music but he prefers being with his girlfriend Bella.
He likes playing beisbol with his family and friends.
He hates bad vampires and he is afraid of "The Vulturis".
He never eats anything and he never sleeps.
He is a Gemini, because he was born on 20th of Juny.
He is tall, he is 1'85m tall. He is slim and a little musculous, his appearance is perfect,
because he isn't much musculous but he isn't weak so..he is perfect.
He is thin.
He has got short,brown,straight,and wonderful hair.
He has got green eyes,but when he was a human. Now he has got brown eyes and when he is thirsty,his eyes are black, all of these colours are perfect for Edward.
Sometimes he wears sunglasses, but he usually doesn't wear anuthing. Edward is perfect all the time.
Edward usually wears gray,blue,black,white clothes.
His clothes make him looks fashionable,elegant,attractive,mysterious,amazing...
He usually wears shirts,trousers,jackets,shoes,elegant clothes...
Edward is always handsome,amazing,wonderful, and perfect.
On the whole he looks a bit attractve,modern,nice,good-looking,elegant...
He is handsome!
Edward is a generous, romantic, amazing, funny, mysterious, attractive, friendly, quiet, and perfect person.

I love him because is the most handsome.attractive, romantic, etc...person i know.
The best about this person is all because i love edward! and old in him is perfect and i think is the most admirable person, because he want to bite to Bella but he loves Bella so he can't do this.
And because all of this and more things EDWARD CULLEN IS MY PLATONIC LOVE!