Thursday, September 15, 2011


Last week of august, I have been in lanzarote with my family.
We were sleeping in the hotel "Beatriz" that is in south of the island, in a part called "Puerto del Carmen". It was sooo good, it has two pools, and a lot of cool places.
Apart of that, I have visited a lot of places and monuments of Lanzarote, (I must say at first, that i loved lanzarote!)
One day we went to an small island called "La Graciosa" and when we were there, we rented bikes, and then we tour around the island by bike, it was so exhauting!!!
Also we visited the fundation"C├ęsar Manrique", he was the man who took care about the island of Lanzarote and he designed the island and because of that, most of the houses in lanzarote are white.

Some of his artwork is "Los Jameos del Agua" that is like a garden but into a volcanic cave. It is soooooo beautiful! :)

And then...I think the most important thing to visit in Lanzarote is The "Parque nacional de Timanfaya" it is a volcano, and it is still hard, so there are some shows about the fire in the volcano.

After all, i say to you, that Lanzarote is an island that you MUST visit at least one time in your life, it is fantastic!

bye, bye.

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