Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where is Forks?

Hello, in this entrie I want to talk about Forks.
Forks is a city in Washington, EE.UU. Population is 3.120, 1.169 houses,and 792 families who live in it.

Forks became a city on 28th August, 1945 because people voted to make it possible.
It is s a good place for fishermen because there are salmon,trouts..etc.
You can visite the " National Olympic
park". It is the scenary of the film "Twilight" the novel of Stephenie Meyer.And is engraving the film: "New Moon".And in the future fFks will be the scenary of course, of Eclipse and Breaking Down films.
I think is a very beautiful city, because I have visited its web pages, and there are lots of beautiful forests and mountains.

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