Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hello! Now I am with you,no problem! I go to write to you

and I would like to tell you about my holidays:

The first day I went the beach of ´La Malvarosa`and is very funny!

The last days I go to the dance academy for practiser dance,and this yes is funny!
And the last day for the holidays i go to the cinema "Kinépolis" with my friends,Paola,Elena,Marga and the sisters of Marga:Sofía and Claudia,we go to see "Marley and Me" and the film is very sad...

This holidays I read very much,i read,because i go to Fnac and i buy books.

·"Corazón de tinta" from Cornelia Funke
·"Coraline" from Neil Gaiman
·"Otra vida para Cristina" from Marta Rivera de la cruz.
I recomendate this books for old the world!

Now i'm read "Dos velas para el diablo" from Laura Gallego. it is Fine,it is about a girl his name is Cat and his father is a Angel and one day a Demoni kill the father of Cat.
And Cat go to Madrid for vengar the kill of his father.

Good bye!!!

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