Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Úbeda, Baeza and Granada

Hello! 11-15th of may, class of eso 1º we went to Úbeda,Baeza y Granada.

The first day we went to Baeza and we went to instalarted in the "Hostal".After, we went to visit Baeza.
In Baeza tape the movie " El capitán Alatriste" and the stage is very beatiful and interesting.
We went up in a train and we went to see Baeza.
In Baeza "Antonio Machado"give class of French, and he lives a lot of time in Baeza.But the story of Antonio Machado count a person is dress up of hem.

Went we go to Granada, we go to the catedral of the catolics kings. We see the tombs of theys.

We went, to "La Alhambra" and we see old the monument. is a very beautiful place and is a travel very nice.

I love it.

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